Drawing Together

On September 26th I will launch a new project called, Drawing Together, which aims to build coalition around the ways in which art contributes to a culture of health in a city.

A series of conversations will be held to engage community about the relationship of art and health, and drawing activities will be offered at each workshop. Meetings will begin in September for a total of 6 meetings over an 8 month period with a culminating installation in April 2018 at the Armory Center for the Arts. The final presentation of the work will include a selection of participants’ drawings that have been collected through the process, along with didactics about the relevant topics. Community leaders interested in the intersection of art and health will be invited to attend these structured meetings, as well as the general public, with the intention of convening a group of people interested in advocating for the health benefits of including art in the community. This framework will hopefully have ripple effects that will encourage more activation in under-served communities.


September 26 – In conversation with Art Historian, Parent, and Nonprofit Administrator, Alli Pultz

October 17 – In conversation with Artist, Allan Nakagawa

November 14 – In conversation with Director of Day One, Christy Zamani

December – No Meeting

January 30 – In conversation with Grant Writer, David Spiro

February 27 – In conversation with Program Director at Trust for Public Land, Tori Kjer

March 27 – In conversation with Artist, Anne Bray

Follow the project here and on the project site: www.DrawingTogether.city