Art Projects:

  • You’ve Been NOTICEDThe interactive installation, “You’ve Been Noticed” is a hypothetical organization that aims to address the very real psycho-social needs of individuals in our particular culture and time due to violence, racism, and inequalities. Part of the installation will feature small kits in reflective mylar bags that will be available as take-aways located below the mirrored logo. One set on the right will be offered for those that are ready “To DO” something including a “know your rights” handout and other identified items in partnership with local activists. The set on the left shelves will contain information “To Heal” including information from the National Alliance on Mental Illness, the seven stages of grief, and available hotlines all identified in partnership with a mental health professional. The phone number listed will be an active, recorded line available for participants to engage. I hope to create cathartic moments of relief and reflection. You can learn more at the project site: 
  • All Hearts Beat – A participatory community-based project in collaboration with CHAP Care Clinics in Pasadena, CA. You can learn more about this project at:
  • Save Yourself – A participatory community-based project in collaboration with Hollywood Sunset Free Clinic in Los Angeles, CA. You can learn more about this project at:
  • Pulse and Parcel – An on-going project that is based off of a pseudo-utopian satire, utilizing a public interest group called GLAD PAP (Global Land Allotment and Distribution Population Adjustment Policy), which collects complaints and holds outreach events. You can learn more about this project at:
  • New Health Now – This is a framework for a business concept based around individual and group health coaching, health-related art projects, and in-school education. You can learn more about this work at:


Blogs – Below is a list of blogs I have created. Some are still active, while others are archives.

“New Health Now” is a blog I created to house health-related research that is of interest to me and my practice. You can find research from creditable sources such as the NIH, AMA and other entities.

“New Practices” is a blog about developing a “Public Practice” situated in contemporary art. It chronicles by process of transition my art practice from object maker, to Art Therapist, to a community-engaged artist.

“Love in a Cemetery – Free Health Care” is a blog that documents the process of my first year graduate project, which was a group collaboration with artist Andrea Bowers.

“Art Therapy Art” is a blog that documents the process of understanding my art practice as an Art Therapist versus an artist. Directives and treatments project examples are documented.